Driven by his commitment to protecting children and their rights, Michael Ian Bender serves a number of roles within the legal system. All of these roles are essential to assuring that a child is adequately protected during divorce or paternity hearings.

Michael Ian Bender: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a set period of time for a mediation process to be completed?

Michael Ian Bender typically arranges one three-hour session. In most cases, the one session is enough to complete the process. However, the mediation process is not bound by any time limits. Consequently, additional sessions can be scheduled as necessary.

Is it possible to request Michael Ian Bender to serve on behalf of my children during the court case?

Yes. It is possible to ask for Bender to be appointed as a Child Representative, Guardian ad litem (GAL), or Attorney-for-the-Child. Upon appointment, Bender will work tirelessly to assure that the child’s best interests are taken into consideration throughout the legal process.

What courts can Michael Ian Bender appear in?

Michael Ian Bender is a licensed attorney in the state of Illinois and is allowed to practice throughout the State of Illinois. With regard to cases involving child abuse, Bender can serve as an expert or opinion witness anywhere in the United States.

If an individual earns more than $1,000,000, does Illinois require them to pay 20% of their net income for child support?

When income levels reach high thresholds, the courts have the flexibility to render a decision on an individual case basis. As a result, higher-earning individuals can request that the court deviate from typical child support guidelines.

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